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Mikurashima Tourist Association (Japanese only)
Mikurashima Village Office (Japanese only)

Notice Regarding Landing on Mikurashima Island

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching

The coast of Mikurashima island is one of the leading habitat zones in the world for the bottlenose dolphin. Water enriched by runoff from a nearby giant tree forest pours into the ocean, stimulating fish populations that the dolphins can feed upon, to create an optimum dolphin habitat. The result is myriad opportunities to watch dolphin mothers and infants at play. Season runs from late April to late October.


Giant Trees in Mikurashima

Giant Trees in Mikurashima

Mikurashima island accounts for about 5% of all of Japan's giant trees. About 500 giant trees have been confirmed, including sudajii (Castanopsis sieboldii) and Japanese chinquapin (Castanopsis Cuspidata) trees. One sudajii tree bearing the name of Ojii has a circumference of 13.8 meters, the largest in Japan.
Other tree species on the island include Morus, and tsuge (boxwood).


Ebine Park

Park established for the protection of the Nioiebine orchid, a wild orchid called the queen of the ebine orchids.
Enjoy the aromatic fragrance of blooms during the month of April. Park entry is free.

  • 2-hour walk from Mikurashima Port

Viking Memorial

Viking Memorial

In 1863, Mikurashima islanders rescued the crew of the US commercial ship Viking, which had foundered offshore. This memorial was set up by their descendents 100 years later.

  • 15-minute walk from Mikurashima Port

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