To request a brochure, enquire for information or make a reservation, please contact the Custmer Service Center at TEL: 03-5472-9999 Navi Dial:0570-005710 (Service hours:9:30 to 20:00)

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Shipboarding with Reservation


First, make the reservation.

Purchase the ticket

See here for carry-on luggage aboard ship.

See here for the cancellation fee.

Ship Service Cancellations

Telephone confirmation

Morning jet ferry service departing from Tokyo, Kurihama, and Tateyama: Takeshiba Branch 03-3433-2101
Afternoon jet ferry and large passenger ship service departing from Tokyo: Takeshiba Branch 03-3433-1251
Jet ferry service departing from Atami: Atami Branch 0557-82-2131

Cancellations on the Return Leg of a Round-trip Ticket


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