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Carry-on luggage

Luggage standards and table of charges

Charged luggage cannot be brought aboard the passenger ship without a luggage ticket. Before boarding, please ask for and purchase a luggage ticket at the ticket window. If there is no luggage ticket attached to the charged luggage, you may be asked to pay a fee at the time of arrival.
Always use a case for holding surfboards, bodyboards, fishing rods, etc.

High-speed jet ferry

To enable the jet ferry to skim across the top of the water, it has a structurally light, compact design. Please note that large or heavy luggage that exceeds the standards cannot be carried on board. Two pieces of luggage per person are allowed aboard the ferry. These restrictions do not apply to handbags, umbrellas, and other personal effects. For the size and weight restrictions, see the table at bottom.

Carry-On luggage allowed on the ferry

  1. Personal effects (Free)
  2. Cooler boxes, diving bags, large rucksacks, bicycles in bags, golf bags, fishing rods, surfboards (excluding long boards), and bodyboards . (Limited in size and weight.)
  3. Seeing-eye dogs, hearing-assistance dogs, and service dogs, as well as wheelchairs, etc., may be brought aboard free of charge.

How to measure size

Since luggage space is limited on the jet ferries, please use a delivery service company to ship large pieces of luggage.


Large passenger ship

  1. Three sides adding up to 120cm or less, total weight 20kg or less. Carry-on is free of charge.
  2. Luggage that exceeds the above standards cannot be brought aboard the passenger ship. Either check in the luggage, or use a delivery service company to ship it beforehand.
  3. The carry-on charge for a surfboard or a bodyboard is 700 yen each way.

Checked luggage (for shipping on large passenger ship)

From Tokyo (Yokohama) Motorcycle less
than 50cc
50cc to
less than 125cc
125cc to
less than 250cc
Bicycle (no bag) Bicycle in bag,
diving bag,
carry-on luggage
Oshima ¥2,070 ¥4,140 ¥6,210 ¥1,430 ¥500
Toshima/Niijima/Shikinejima ¥2,430 ¥4,850 ¥7,280 ¥1,430 ¥500
Kozushima/Miyakejima ¥2,670 ¥5,340 ¥8,010 ¥1,430 ¥500
Mikurashima/Hachijojima ¥3,060 ¥6,120 ¥9,170 ¥1,830 ¥500
Charge includes the consumption tax.

Common items

Luggage that cannot be carried aboard (cannot be accepted as checked luggage)

Dangerous items (knives, guns, explosives)

Stowage aboard

You are responsible for on-board stowage of the carry-on luggage. For surfboards , bodyboards and other charged luggage, follow crew member instructions and place them in a designated space.

Liability for loss

If negligence on the part of the company or its employees has been proven, the company will assume responsibility for compensation for damages incurred due to the loss or damage, etc., of carry-on luggage or other items stowed by passengers.

Passengers planning to bring pets along must put them in a cage or box 45cm or less on each side (charge added), and are asked to avoid bothering other passengers. Click here.(Japanese only)

For luggage inquiries

Takeshiba Office Tel: 03-3433-5312
Luggage items for Tokyo⇔Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kozushima, Miyakejima, Hachijojima
Mainly includes foodstuffs, sundry daily living goods, etc. small enough to be housed in containers.
Tatsumi Office Tel: 03-5569-3700
Large luggage items for Tokyo⇔Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kozushima
Mainly includes vehicles, construction materials, heavy items, dangerous items, etc.
Shibaura Office Tel: 03-3451-8311
Large luggage items for Tokyo⇔Miyakejima, Mikurashima, Hachijojima, Aogashima
Mainly includes foodstuffs etc. for Mikurashima, vehicles, construction materials, heavy items, dangerous items, etc.


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