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Boarding Terminal Guide

Tokyo Takeshiba TerminalYokohama International Passenger TerminalKurihama Port

Tateyama Port Atami Port Ito Port Shimoda Port

Tokyo Takeshiba Terminal

Tokyo Takeshiba Terminal

Guide to the Tokyo Takeshiba Terminal

Tel: 03-3433-2101
(Service hours: 6:00-8:00)
Tel: 03-3433-1251
(Service hours: 8:00-22:00)
7 min. walk from JR Hamamatsucho Sta. North Exit
1 min. walk from Yurikamome Line Takeshiba Sta.
10 min. walk from Daimon Sta.


Guide to Parking Facilities

New Pier Takeshiba North Tower Parking Lot

Passenger cars All times: 270 yen / 30 min.
Maximum charge per day: 4,000 yen (Every 24-hour period from time of parking lot entry)

For inquiries, contact:
Tel: 03-5404-4028

Shiodome Bldg. Parking Facility

For customers using the Tokai Kisen and Ogasawara Kaiun ferries, and the Tokyo Vingt et un Cruise ships

For inquiries, contact:
Shiodome Building Parking Facility Management Office
Tel: 03-3431-4332
For details, see (Japanese only)

World Trade Center Bldg. Parking Facility

Customers using Tokai Kisen or Ogasawara Kaiun ferries and will be parking for more than 24 hours receive a special discount.
1 day: 3,900 yen (including tax)(Normal charge: 10,800 yen)
Please reserve by telephone beforehand. We will assign a parking space.
Tel: 03-3435-3768
When you enter the parking facility (open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year), go to the B2 Exit toll booth and fill out an application form.

For inquiries, contact:
In front of the JR Hamamatsu-cho Sta.
World Trade Center Bldg. Hamamatsu-cho Parking Facility
Tel: 03-3435-3768

Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

Directions to Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

Tel: 045-212-3131
10 min. by bus from JR Sakuragicho Sta. (fare: 220 yen)
5 min. by taxi (fare: approx. 720 yen)
15 min. walk from JR/Subway Kannai Sta.
8 min. walk from Minato Mirai Line Nihon-ōdōri Sta.



Guide for Parking Facilities

Osanbashi 1st Floor Parking Facility

1 hour: 500 yen 1,000 yen for first 24-hour period after entry
2,000 yen for parking from 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours

Kurihama Port

Kurihama Port

Guide to Kurihama Port

Tel: 046-835-8855 (departure times only)
Tel: 03-5472-9999 (inquire for reservations only)
10 min. by bus from JR Kurihama Sta. or Keikyu Kurihama Sta. (fare: 200 yen)
10 min. by car from Sahara Exit off Yokohama Yokosuka Road


Guide to Parking Facilities

Kurihama Port Parking Facilities

1,000 yen per day

Hana no Kuni Parking Facility No. 2

5-6 min. walk from Kurihama Port
620 yen per once

Tateyama Port

Tateyama Port

Guide to Tateyama Port Terminal

Tel: 03-3433-2101
(Service hours: 6:00-8:00)
Tel: 03-3433-1251
(Service hours: 8:00-22:00)
1 km from JR Tateyama Sta.
3 min. by taxi (fare: approx. 650 yen)
Boarding gate is unmanned, except when a ferry is about to depart.


Guide to Parking Facilities

Tateyama Port Parking Facilities

Hojyo-kaigan parking lot is available free of charge.

Atami Port

Atami Port

Guide to Atami Port Terminal

Tel: 0557-82-2131
10 min. by taxi from JR Atami Sta. (fare: approx. 1,200 yen)
15 min. by bus (fare: 230 yen)


As you come out of Atami Station, there is a large bus terminal on the left.
Check the bus departure times and use departures that allow plenty of time for travel.
Loading Zone:Line No.8
Destination:For Atami Port and Korakuen → Get off at Atami Port
Route times:Every 20 minutes from 8:00 to 17:00
(Departing every hour, 20 and 40 minutes after the hour)
Travel time:About 15 minutes Fare:230 yen
Buses used:Izu Tokai Bus and Izu Hakone Bus

  • * Any of these bus companies OK.


Taxi loading zones are divided into the Mid-Size Taxi Loading Zone and Small Taxi Loading Zone, and there always large numbers of taxis available.

Guide to Parking Facilities

(Ordinary passenger cars)

No. Name of parking facility Location Parking capacity Parking fee
1 Municipal      
  Temporary Port Parking Lot Next to Atami Port Boarding Terminal 50 vehicles 100 yen for every 30 minutes
2 Municipal      
  Atami Port Parking Lot Next to Atami Korakuen 160 vehicles 100 yen for every 30 minutes
3 Municipal      
  Wadahama Parking Lot In front of Tamanoyu Hotel 100 vehicles 100 yen for every 30 minutes
4 Municipal      
  Shimizu-cho Parking Lot Behind the Idemitsu Gas Station 50 vehicles 100 yen for every 30 minutes
5 Municipal      
  Shinsui Park Parking Lot In front of Shinsui Park 130 vehicles 100 yen for every 30 minutes
6 Municipal      
  Nagisa Parking Lot In front of Shinsui Park 50 vehicles 100 yen for every 30 minutes

All parking lots are unmanned car gate or parking meter type.

(Ordinary passenger car and large tourist buses)

No. Name of parking lot Location Section Division Ordinary passenger cars Motorcycles Large tourist vehicles
7 Municipal East Parking Lot Omiyanomatsu 16 hours or less Every 30 minutes 100 yen 70 yen 150 yen
Maximum charge 1,600 yen 1,200 yen 1,800 yen
Over 16 hours Each 1 hour 100 yen 70 yen 150 yen

For inquiries, contact:
East Parking Lot
Tel. 0557-82-0451

Ito Port

Ito Port

Guide to Ito Port Terminal

Tel: 0557-37-1125
5 min. by taxi (fare: approx. 720 yen) or 15 min. walk from Izukyu Ito Sta.


Guide to Parking Facilities

Ito Port Parking Facilities

Municipal Nagisa Parking Facilities
850 yen per day for an ordinary car

Shimoda Port

Shimoda Port

Guide to Shimoda Port Terminal

Tel: 0558-22-2626
Service hours: 7:40 to 17:00 (closed Wednesdays)
7 min. by taxi or 20 min. walk from Izukyu-shimoda Sta. (fare: approx. 980 yen)


Guide to Parking Facilities

Prefectural parking lot (adjacent to Shinshin Kisen boarding gate) Unmanned

Parking lot can hold 17 passenger vehicles Free
However, parking for 2 days or more not allowed


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