Charged baggage cannot be brought aboard the passenger ship without a baggage ticket. Before boarding, please ask for and purchase a baggage ticket at the ticket window. If there is no baggage ticket attached to the charged baggage, you may be asked to pay a fee at the time of arrival.
Always use a case for holding surfboards, bodyboards, fishing rods, etc.

High-speed jet ferry

To enable the jet ferry to skim across the top of the water, it has a structurally light, compact design. Please note that large or heavy baggage that exceeds the standards cannot be carried on board.

Since baggage space is limited on the jet ferries, please use a delivery service company to ship large pieces of baggage.

Baggage standards and table of charges
Personal effects
Seeing-eye dogs, hearing-assistance dogs, and service dogs, as well as wheelchairs, etc., may be brought aboard free of charge.
Two pieces of baggage per person are allowed aboard the ferry.
These restrictions do not apply to handbags, umbrellas, and other personal effects.
Three sides adding up to 120cm or less, total weight 20kg or less (if two pieces, the total for both).
Three sides adding up to more than 120cm, total weight over 20kg (if two pieces, the total for both;with upper limit of 30kg).
One-way 1,200 yen
The carry-on charge for a surfboard or a bodyboard (Long boards cannot be carried aboard the jet ferry.)
One piece of one-way 1,200 yen
Three sides adding up to more than 200cm, total weight over 30kg.
Not allowed
Carge includes the consumption tax.
Checked baggage
(Large passenger ship)