Frequently Asked Questions

QHow soon can I reserve tickets?
AWe accept reservations for tickets from the day exactly two months before the boarding date.
QWhere can I purchase a ticket?
AYou can make your purchase at the Tokai Kisen boarding terminal, or at any major travel agency or convenience store.
QIf I have to cancel, how much is the cancellation fee?
AFor the cancellation fee, see the “Cancellation Rules” on our web page.
QIs there a parking lot nearby?
ASee the "Boarding Terminal Guide" on our web page
QWhat kind of discounts do you offer?
ASee the "Discount Information" on our website.
QCan I bring pets aboard the ferries?
AYou can. For details, see the website "Index (Japanese only)."
QCan I load a car aboard the ship or ferry?
AAs we do not have a car ferry service, you cannot load a vehicle onto the ship or ferry.
For the large passenger ships you can load a motorcycle up to 250cc, for a fee.
For fee information, see the "Timetable, Fare and Price Table" on the website.
Furthermore, there may be times on jet ferries when large baggage items such as surfboards and diving packs, etc., will not be allowed due to crowding. At such times, please use a delivery service company to ship these items ahead beforehand.
QHow can I confirm the ferry's arrival and departure ports?
AFor the arrival ports, you can check round-trip routes while aboard ship; and for the departure ports, you can check with the Tokai Kisen office from your point of lodging or while on the individual island.
QAre there convenience stores on the islands?
AThere are no convenience stores in the Izu Islands. All of the islands have supermarkets, liquor stores, drug stores, and general stores. Unlike the mainland, however, the closing times can be early, so be sure to get your shopping done early.
QCan I use my mobile phone?
AIn the Izu Islands you can use NTT DoCoMo. For other mobile phone providers, the situation may vary from island to island, so please inquire at the specific mobile phone company. In addition, there may be some areas where reception fails due to signal conditions.
QWhat kind of transport is available on each island?
AOshima, Kozushima, and Hachijojima have bus services. However, because bus frequency can be low, it is a good idea to check bus timetables beforehand.
QPlease tell me about the Tokai Fishing Club (TFC) and the Izu Islands Club.
ASee "TFC and Izu Islands Club" on the website (Japanese only).

Inquiry by e-mail

For more information, please contact the Tokai Kisen publicity department.