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Handling of Personal Information Protection

Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd. (hereafter called "the company") implements the following actions to ensure strict protection of customers’ personal information, whether obtained at the company's branches, representative offices, Custmer Service Center, and the website.

Management and Security of Personal Information

  1. The company undertakes to exert its best efforts to prevent the loss of personal information obtained from customers or leakage due to illegal access.
  2. The company shall observe the various laws related to protection of personal information.
  3. The company shall periodically review its personal information protection systems, and if improvements are needed, shall continuously make improvements.
  4. With the exception of part of the company website, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) code is used on pages requiring personal information, to protect the customer's personal information from viruses and illegal access, etc. Since the personal information entered by the customer is encoded and then sent to the company, there is no danger that the sent data will be intercepted by a third party. In addition, the company pays the most careful attention to management of those areas where SSL is not used, so that there is no disclosure of personal information without the customer's consent, other than for cooperating companies that have signed confidentiality agreements with the company.
  5. For the handling of personal information held by the company that is outsourced to outside vendors, the company signs confidentiality agreements, and performs suitable supervision and management.

    Note that the customer's personal information that has been obtained by the company at the company branch, representative offices, the Custmer Service Center, and the website shall be used for making contact with the customer, and shall be used within the range of services desired by the customer. The customer's personal information may also be used for sending information about new travel tours to the customer.
    There shall be no disclosure of personal information without the customer's consent other than for cooperating companies that have signed confidentiality agreements with the company. (Excluding cases where disclosure is requested by law)


  1. The customer shall be responsible for any use of this website.
  2. The websites and services of third-party companies that can be accessed via Tokai Kisen each have their own contracts and utilization policies that are independent of Tokai Kisen. The company cannot assume any obligation or responsibility for these independent contracts or activities.

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